Whitefaced in a sentence

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How to use whitefaced in a sentence. Whitefaced pronunciation.

Mrs. Macey, whitefaced, was crying softly and could not speak.
He looked from the little, whitefaced woman on the bed to the bulky figure of Mr. Gribble.
The two submarine boys raised the now whitefaced bully, who was still pleading and protesting.

Examples of Whitefaced

Example #1
But her husband, with the two boys standing up before him, honked his horn and turned on the power, starting the car slowly.
Example #2
Stand up in front of Mrs. Macey and myself until we can get out of this crowd," urged Mr. Macey, bustling the boys toward the runabout.
Example #3
The doctor finished at last, and, fastening his bag, stood with his beard in his hand, pondering.
Example #4
Mrs. Gribble ticked off "ninety-nines" until her husband's ears ached with them.
Example #5
Dan refused to start at the word, but a few sharp cuts across his legs by Hal made the fellow change his mind.
Example #6
But they'll send me to jail," protested the scared wretch.