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The king himself, and all his family, loved learning, and nobody more than his son Henry, who-if his elder brother had lived-was to have been archbishop of Canterbury.
But his accusation is true equally against many men who-if my observation be correct-are doing an incalculable service for religion by giving to the world their own personal solutions, interpreting Christianity in terms of modern thought.
If David, the Jew of old, could do so, much more can we, who are baptized into Christ; much more can we, who have access by one Spirit to the Father; much more can we, who-if we know who we are and where we are-should come boldly to the throne of grace, to find mercy and grace to help us in the time of need.

Examples of Who-if

Example #1
It was in this reign, too, that America was discovered-though not by the English, but by Christopher Columbus, an Italian, who came out in ships that were lent to him by Isabel, the Queen of Spain, mother to Katharine, Princess of Wales.
Example #2
Greek began to be taught as well as Latin, and the New Testament was thus read in the language in which the apostles themselves wrote; and that led people to think over some of the evil ways that had grown up in their churches and abbeys, during those long, grievous years, when no one thought of much but fighting, or of getting out of the way of the enemy.
Example #3
No doubt these, too, are offending the champions of the Council of Chalcedon.
Example #4
The same critic declares that my interpretations are without "authority.
Example #5
Out of the depth, however deep, cry unto God and God Himself.
Example #6
Go then to Him Himself.