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Definition of Whorled

  • Furnished with whorls; arranged in the form of a whorl or whorls; verticillate; as, whorled leaves.

How to use whorled in a sentence. Whorled pronunciation.

It was a maddening whirl of sound that bored deeper and deeper along the whorled and caverned walls of the crater.
The arrangement of leaves is usually classed under three modes: the _alternate_, the _opposite_, and the _whorled_; but the opposite is the simplest form of the whorled arrangement, the leaves being in circles of two.
To the right a red canyon opened its jagged jaws, and away to the north rose a whorled and strange sea of curved ridges, crags, and domes.

Examples of Whorled

Example #1
It was as if these aged walls resented the violating of their silent sanctity.
Example #2
Then he liked the strange echoes.
Example #3
In this arrangement, the leaves of each whorl stand over the spaces of the whorl just below.
Example #4
In the various branches that the pupils have studied, they have seen that the arrangement of the leaves differs greatly.
Example #5
A rolling, endless plain sloped down beneath him, and led him on to a distant round-topped mountain.
Example #6
Shefford was the first to ride up out of the draw, and once upon the top of the ridge he halted to gaze, wide-eyed and entranced.