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How to use wicostu in a sentence. Wicostu pronunciation.

Hearing a step behind her, she rose to find Wicostu, the oldest squaw of the tribe, waiting to speak with her.
Kagigegabo sat very still after Wicostu had left her.
Then there came to her the words of Wicostu: "You can be brave.
Then she remembered again the words of Wicostu, "Courage is all in the heart," and smiling at the chief she said: "Kagigegabo will lead you.

Examples of Wicostu

Example #1
Why was she a girl?
Example #2
Before this she had watched the others go and then had had him to cheer her.
Example #3
Perhaps after all she could be a Brave, such as Guka was trying to be.
Example #4
You can be brave, Kagigegabo, even though you must grow into a Mahala and sit by the fire.
Example #5
The courage is all in the heart.
Example #6
If only she were a Brave, perhaps she would know what to do.