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As soon as he had been announced, a hundred weary faces grew bright with expectation; and princes, dukes, and nobles bowed before the haughty man who was even mightier than the empress; for HE bent before no mortal, while she was the slave of one will-of Potemkin's. Silent and disdainful, Potemkin walked through the lines of obsequious courtiers that fell back as he passed, here and there condescending to greet some nobleman of wealth or influence.
That is the formal side of the matter which is self evident, the question only is what content has this merely formal will-of the individual as well as of the State-and whence comes this content-why is just this desired and nothing else?
He thought of taking a voyage round the world; he thought of getting into politics; he even thought-as young men full of life sometimes will-of death.

Examples of Will-of

Example #1
Just then the princess, who had reached the door, turned her large dark eyes with another look of entreaty.
Example #2
She felt as though she could not let her go-she felt as if she must call her back, and pressing her to her heart, release her from the ordeal which tried her young soul so fearfully.
Example #3
And if we enquire into this we discover that in modern history the will of the State, as a whole, is declared through the changing needs of bourgeois society, through the domination of this or that class, in the last instance through the development of the forces of production and the conditions of exchange.
Example #4
As all the impulses of each single agent pass through his individual brain and must transform themselves into motives of his will in order to set him to work, so must also the desires of bourgeois society, no matter which class happens to be dominant, penetrate the will of the state in order to secure universal validity in the form of laws.
Example #5
What he finally did, with native good sense, was to make a two-months' trip in the mountainous region to the westward, to change the scene and his state of mind, and to get what artists call a fresh eye.
Example #6
This and certain other matters were weighing heavily upon his soul, and his future seemed dark and uncertain.