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From a Photograph by W.J. Hawker Wimborne.
As they were sitting by the roadside among the pine trees half-way up a stretch of hill between Wimborne and Ringwood, however, Mr. Hoopdriver reopened the question of his worldly position.
Frome was forced inward towards Dorchester, Stour against Wimborne, Avon towards Salisbury, and over the immense displacement the sun presided, leading it to triumph ere he sank to rest.
I am very grateful to the Principal and Fellows of Jesus College for access to the Red Book, to Dr J. Gwenogvryn Evans for permission to use his edition and to Lord Wimborne (the Ivor of Lady Guest's dedication) for information kindly given.

Examples of Wimborne

Example #1
Director of the Austrian Geological Survey from 1885 to 1892; author of many important memoirs on palaeobotanical subjects.
Example #2
Several of Studer's papers were translated and published in the "Edinburgh New Phil.
Example #3
And so the breakfast concluded much more happily than his brightest expectation, and they rode out of ruddy little Blandford as though no shadow of any sort had come between them.
Example #4
He was as useful a citizen as could be,-it was proposed and carried,-and his lying was of the noblest.
Example #5
England was alive, throbbing through all her estuaries, crying for joy through the mouths of all her gulls, and the north wind, with contrary motion, blew stronger against her rising seas.
Example #6
Branksea Island lost its immense foreshores, and became a sombre episode of trees.