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To an European it would have seemed a shameless mockery to have wished joy to this lean, hateful dweller in the between-worlds; to Nahoum it was part of a life which was all ritual and intrigue, gabbling superstition and innate fatalism, decorated falsehood and a brave philosophy.
In years he had never looked at a flower or, at any rate, had never wished to possess one; to-day he stooped down over the blossom that graced the rock, meaning to pluck it.
When they had reached their destination, he showed her the bed, and begged her to keep awake, till he should have prepared a dish of warm food for her, and he shortly brought her a simple supper, and wished her a good night's rest, after she had taken it.
If it were desired, Miss Derrick could step into the garden whilst her mother said whatever she wished to say.
Small wonder, he said, that the girl wished to enter a new social sphere.
All along, Louise had wished to marry Mr. Bowling.
When she returned from the door it was to announce, smilingly, that Mr. Cobb wished to see Miss Derrick.
Already a doctor had been sent for, and Cobb, reporting that all was safe at 'Runnymede,' wished to remove her at once to her own bed room, and the strangers were eager to assist.
Toward the end of his life he wrote: "In "Revizor" I tried to gather in one heap all that was bad in Russia, as I then understood it; I wished to turn it all into ridicule.
This may well form the theme of a new tale; the one we wished to offer the reader is ended.
If the novelist had really wished to describe sensual music, he would have made a much more felicitous choice of "Tristan und Isolde.
I wished no one evil, as I left home for the war.
He wished to remove; and he used to retire daily to a little grove, and _pray that God would send some one to buy his farm_. This prayer was not answered.
In the morning, as C. was returning home, he came by his father's house; his mother, espying his pail, wished to know where he had been.
A pious young woman, a member of Society, wished to go to her friends, then living in Jamaica.
Her clergyman visited her, and hearing her complaint, told her from her sick bed she could pray; to pray for those she wished to see turning to God.
She said she had some money which she wished to dispose of before her death.
He wished Johnny's mother to come to his home to take charge of his two motherless boys.
A little boy, one of the Sunday school children in Jamaica, called upon the missionary and stated that he had lately been very ill, and in his sickness often wished his minister had been present to pray with him.
While thus praying the door-bell rang, and the servant announced two men who wished to see me.

Examples of Wished

Example #1
He looked inquiringly at Nahoum.
Example #2
The lean, dark figure of Mizraim bowed low; the long, slow fingers touched the forehead, the breast, and the lips.
Example #3
On his path there grew a little plant with a reddish blossom.
Example #4
Then he thought of Hermas, of his sweet dead mother, and of his father, and-which was the most comforting thought of all-of how he had spared the old man this bitter sorrow.
Example #5
Sirona shared the bread and the salted meal-porridge with her dog, and then lay down on the couch, where she sank at once into a deep, dreamless sleep, while Paulus passed the night sitting by the hearth.
Example #6
She obeyed, and wherever it was necessary to climb over the rocks, he supported and lifted her, but he only spoke when she addressed him.