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How to use witness-bearing in a sentence. Witness-bearing pronunciation.

Affecting C. Vigorous C. Witness-bearing C. Affected C.
But not only by the fact of the existence of such a community is the witness-bearing effected, but it comes as a personal obligation, with immense weight of pressure and immense possibilities of joy in the discharge of it, to every Christian man and woman.
She began by giving a variety of Scripture references illustrative of the nature and different forms of Christian witness-bearing.
What an opportunity does the family, for example, afford for constant and most effective witness-bearing!

Examples of Witness-bearing

Example #1
What season do you do it best in?
Example #2
Grappled C. Superlative C. Instrumental C.
Example #3
Wherever, and only where, there are the sackcloth and ashes of self-despair there will be the crown of gold of an answering faith.
Example #4
But we may use it for illustrating this point, on which I am now dwelling.
Example #5
Perhaps, too, it grew in part out of her irrepressible craving for love, coupled with utter incredulity about herself possessing the qualities which rendered her so lovable.
Example #6
It was, probably, at once a cause and an effect of the sensitive shyness that clung to her to the last.