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How to use woerden in a sentence. Woerden pronunciation.

MACHTELD VAN WOERDEN biedt hem daartoe gelegenheid.
The States-General now held an assembly at Woerden, and summoned the malcontents of Utrecht to bring before that body a statement of their grievances.

Examples of Woerden

Example #1
Hij ontbiedt GERARD aan zijn hof; terwijl deze onderweg is, gaat FLORIS tot de jonge vrouwe van VELZEN en onteert haar.
Example #2
Die schennis wreekt GERARD op den schender.
Example #3
On the contrary it would expressly invite or irritate the Spaniards into a resumption of the war, an object which in his humble opinion was not at all desirable.
Example #4
This was done, but there was no satisfactory arrangement possible, and the deputation returned to Utrecht, the States-General to the Hague.