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Most of the stories of wolf-children come from India.
This curious collection of cases of wolf-children is attributed to Colonel Sleeman, a well-known officer, who is known to have been greatly interested in the subject, and who for a long time resided in the forests of India.
An interesting case of a wolf-child was reported many years ago in Chambers' Journal.
Some time after this, while staying at an up-country place called Shaporeooundie, in East Bengal, it was my fortune to meet an Anglo-Indian gentleman who had been in the Indian civil service for upward of thirty years, and had traveled about during most of that time; from him I learned all I wanted to know of wolf-children, for he not only knew of several cases, but had actually seen and examined, near Agra, a child which had been recovered from the wolves.
The story of Romulus and Remus, which all schoolboys and the vast majority of grown people regard as a myth, appears in a different light when one studies the question of wolf-children, and ascertains how it comes to pass that boys are found living on the very best terms with such treacherous and rapacious animals as wolves, sleeping with them in their dens, sharing the raw flesh of deer and kids which the she-wolf provides, and, in fact, leading in all essentials the actual life of a wolf. "A young she-wolf has a litter of cubs, and after a time her instinct tells her that they will require fresh food.
The wolf-child has little except his outward form to show that it is a human being with a soul.
Rudyard Kipling, possibly inspired by accounts of these wolf-children in India, has ingeniously constructed an interesting series of fabulous stories of a child who was brought up by the beasts of the jungles and taught their habits and their mode of communication.

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An example of this condition was the individual who exhibited under the name of the "alligator-boy.
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On October 31st she was delivered of a female child of full growth.
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Diffuse symmetric scleroderma, or hide-bound disease, is quite rare, and presents itself in two phases: that of infiltration (more properly called hypertrophy) and atrophy, caused by shrinkage.
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Margaret Parry of Berkshire in 1668 voided the bones of a fetus through the flesh above the os pubis, and in 1684 she was alive and well, having had healthy children afterward.
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The muscles may be implicated independently of the skin, or simultaneously, and they give the resemblance of rigor mortis.
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Modern instances of the discharge of the extrauterine fetus from the walls of the abdomen are frequently reported.