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To become B.A., to have her name in the newspapers, to be regarded as one of the clever, the uncommon women-for this Jessica was willing to labour early and late, regardless of failing health, regardless even of ruined complexion and hair that grew thin beneath the comb.
Some confounded Frenchman-one of those 'Bel Ami' chaps, perhaps, who had nothing to do but hang about women-for he had read that book with difficulty and a sort of disgusted fascination.
That five women-for Dora was older than she had been when she began to do housework-should require servants, seemed to this New England-born girl mere laziness and pride.
Perhaps some of them longed to touch, oftener than they did, the hands of children, and to consider more the faces of women,-for hearts are hearts even under a belted coat of red on the Fiftieth Parallel,-but men of nerve do not blazon their feelings.

Examples of Women-for

Example #1
Of her intimate acquaintances only one could lay claim to intellectual superiority, and even she, Nancy Lord to wit, shrank from the ordeals of Burlington House.
Example #2
Her aim, at present, was to become a graduate of London University; she was toiling in her leisure hours-the hours of exhaustion, that is to say-to prepare herself for matriculation, which she hoped to achieve in the coming winter.
Example #3
He had as yet made no allusion to the building of the house, nor did he when Soames, pleading the excuse of business, betook himself to the room at the top, where he kept his pictures.
Example #4
But I can't get it at home.
Example #5
She laboriously composed a neat little circular, distributed it widely, and kept a pile in her lunch room for people to take.
Example #6
That two voting women over twenty should prefer being supported by their brother to supporting themselves, she condemned even more sharply.