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It's followed by many of our best women-those who pride themselves on their high characters-and on their pride.
Men in, evening dress had thrown back overcoats, stepping jauntily up the steps of Clubs; working folk loitered; and women-those women who at that time of night are solitary-solitary and moving eastward in a stream-swung slowly along, with expectation in their gait, dreaming of good wine and a good supper, or-for an unwonted minute, of kisses given for love.
What chiefly inflamed the fresh, vivid imagination of the young Indian, was the thought of French women-those attractive Parisian beauties, miracles of elegance and grace, who eclipsed, he was informed, even the magnificence of the capitals of the civilized world.

Examples of Women-those

Example #1
After all, kept woman is a thoroughly respectable occupation-or can be made so by any preacher or justice of the peace.
Example #2
He said: "Why bother about a career?
Example #3
Those countless figures, going their ways under the lamps and the moving-sky, had one and all received some restless blessing from the stir of spring.
Example #4
New-lighted lamps were gaining mastery, and the faces of the crowd showed pale under that glare, while on high the great white clouds slid swiftly, softly, over the purple sky.
Example #5
In Paris-that enchanted city-of which, even in Asia, the land of enchantment, so many marvelous tales were told.
Example #6
We raise this hypothesis, because, since his journey to France had been determined on, Djalma had one fixed, ardent desire-to be in Paris.