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How to use wood-gatherer in a sentence. Wood-gatherer pronunciation.

And at the end of the sandy spit, where some pines had grown and seeded, he stood looking across the silvery lake wondering if his parishioners had begun to notice the change that had come over him since Nora Glynn left the parish, and as her name came into his mind he was startled out of his reverie by the sound of voices, and turning from the lake, he saw two wood-gatherers coming down a little path through the juniper-bushes.
He noticed with pleasure that he no longer tried to pass behind a thicket nor into one when he met poor wood-gatherers bent under their heavy loads.

Examples of Wood-gatherer

Example #1
He often hid himself in the woods when he saw somebody coming, but he couldn't do so now without betraying his intention, and he stayed where he was.
Example #2
The people were the same always; the people never change, only individuals change.
Example #3
He even stopped to speak to a woman out with her children; the three were breaking sticks across their knees, and he encouraged them to talk to him.
Example #4
No better explanation was forthcoming, and he did not think that a better one was required-at least, not to-day.