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How to use wood-in in a sentence. Wood-in pronunciation.

Tim was to keep watch at the camp; and the natives were to act the part of scouts, so that we might have timely notice should the Spaniards approach the wood-in which case we were to hurry back to our place of concealment, where we had no fear of being discovered.
All the dwellings are of wood-in the American part of the town, I mean-and all have a comfortable look.
At a signal-a whistle-given by the Doctor, a band of sturdy boys, clad in their work-a-day uniform, scampered down the central passage of the hall, jumped on the platform, flung off the sheets, and discovered carpenters' benches, saws, hammers, wood-in short, all the appliances with which they carry on the various trades at their "Home" in the East End.

Examples of Wood-in

Example #1
The night passed away much as the former ones had done.
Example #2
Uncle Paul was too eager in watching for a vessel, willingly to leave the coast.
Example #3
Those in the wealthy quarter are spacious; painted snow-white usually, and generally have wide verandas, or double-verandas, supported by ornamental columns.
Example #4
The domestic article in New Orleans is reproachless, notwithstanding it remains as it always was.
Example #5
In a few seconds, as if by magic, the platform was a workshop in full swing-hammering, sawing, chiselling, wood-chopping, clattering, and indescribable din, which was enhanced, but not drowned, by the applause of the astonished audience.
Example #6
On it were several mysterious objects covered with sheets.