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We may also note that in the Greek version the concluding sentence reads: “and God was the Word,” a difference which makes a great distinction.
That is a strong word,” I replied evasively.
We thank you, sir, for that last word,” said Larry mockingly.
God was the Word,” a difference which makes a great distinction.
Upon my word,” said poor Harry, ready to cry with shame and mortification, “the honour of that young person is perfectly unstained for me.
We have already noted the exhortation to abide by “the written word” which he appended to his famous picture of the Apostles.

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Example #1
It is an axiomatic truth that “out of nothing, nothing comes,” and it has often been asserted by scoffers that the Bible teaches generation “from nothing.
Example #2
The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception_ (chapter on “the Occult Analysis of Genesis”), that the Hebrew text speaks of an _ever-existing essence_, as the basis whence all forms, the earth and the heavenly lights included, were first created, and John also gives the same teaching.
Example #3
I have feared you might look upon us here as enemies.
Example #4
Mr. Glenarm, there is something I wish to say to you, but I can say it only if we are to be friends.
Example #5
And you fling it at me after I have gone through battle, murder and sudden death with you gentlemen!
Example #6
To watch the three tall spires,—’ ” he quoted, looking off through the twilight toward St. Agatha’s.