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Whatever is visible or tangible to the senses in our types and emblems-such as the implements of operative masonry, the furniture and ornaments of a lodge, or the ladder of seven steps-is a _material symbol_; while whatever derives its existence from tradition, and presents itself in the form of an allegory or legend, is a _mythical symbol_. Hiram the Builder, therefore, and all that refers to the legend of his connection with the temple, and his fate,-such as the sprig of acacia, the hill near Mount Moriah, and the lost word,-are to be considered as belonging to the class of mythical or legendary symbols.
Yet, if any generality at all be true, it is a plain fact that English diet and English virtue-in the largest sense of the word-are inseparably bound together.

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Example #1
Thus, by way of illustration, it may be observed, that the temple itself has been adopted as a material symbol of the world (as I have already shown in former articles), while the legendary history of the fate of its builder is a mythical symbol of man's destiny in the world.
Example #2
And this division is not arbitrary, but depends on the nature of the types and the aspect in which they present themselves to our view.
Example #3
Our supremacy in this matter of the table came with little taking of thought; what we should now do is to reflect upon the things which used to be instinctive, perceive the reasons of our excellence, and set to work to re-establish it.
Example #4
Foolish persons have prated about "our insular cuisine," demanding its reform on Continental models, and they have found too many like unto themselves who were ready to listen; the result will be, before long, that our excellence will be forgotten, and paltry methods be universally introduced, together with the indifferent viands to which they are suited.