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How to use worm in a sentence. Worm pronunciation.

Be thy life painful as the tortures of the writhing worm- agonizing as the stubborn conflict between existence and annihilation.
The trout that have hidden themselves all summer, or at best have cautiously nibbled at the worm- bait, now rise freely to the fly.
In half an hour Corrus came across a dead, worm- eaten tree, from which he nonchalantly broke off a limb as big as his leg.

Examples of Worm

Example #1
This curse lie on thee till Gianettino shall have heaved forth his dying breath.
Example #2
There whine, and cry aloud!
Example #3
Wherever a yellow leaf drops from birch tree or elm the great trout are splashing, and they are too eager to distinguish very subtly between flies of nature's making and flies of fur and feather.
Example #4
The angler, too, is as fortunate as the lover of the picturesque.
Example #5
First satisfying themselves that the pyrites really could produce "stars" from the flint, the two hurried down-stream, in search of the right kind of wood.
Example #6
Such was their excitement, neither dreamed of marking the place in any way.