Worse-i in a sentence

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How to use worse-i in a sentence. Worse-i pronunciation.

Now-before it gets any worse-I guess it's safe to open the door and let the ether out.
Yes, said Glaucon, far worse-I will answer for him.
It might have been worse-I know that-still it seemed as if the life had been crushed out of me.

Examples of Worse-i

Example #1
You see this is as good a way as any to render safe a room full of inflammable vapour.
Example #2
That's very good extinguishing-powder," explained Craig as we sniffed at the odour.
Example #3
Has not the intemperate been censured of old, because in him the huge multiform monster is allowed to be too much at large?
Example #4
And will any one say that he is not a miserable caitiff who remorselessly sells his own divine being to that which is most godless and detestable?
Example #5
I left my money with her childless mother, and volunteered aboard the first ship I heard of fitting out for a foreign station.
Example #6
They showed me her grave.