Wrappin in a sentence

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How to use wrappin in a sentence. Wrappin pronunciation.

The idee of wrappin' up them cruel, good-for-nothin' things in a curtain like that.
They ain't no starvin' orphan child in Dawson that won't be wrappin' its tummy around eggs.
When de fall o' de year come he did not give her de wrappin's o' her finger.

Examples of Wrappin

Example #1
Bill," said he, "I am sometimes forced to believe that the women folks are lackin' in human sympathy.
Example #2
You wouldn't have me do that.
Example #3
They'll be sellin' sherry an' egg in all the saloons to-morrow at a dollar a flip.
Example #4
Three thousan', an' just freighted in from Forty Mile.
Example #5
Dat's what my mudder tole me.
Example #6
Marster promised mother a cow, and calf, a sow, and pigs for what she had done for him an' to stay on an' finish de crop.