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How to use wrath in a sentence. Wrath pronunciation.

Rise up and be baptized, and wash away thy sins.”(348) “We were by nature,” says St. Paul, “children of wrath,” but by our regeneration, or new birth in Baptism, we become _Christians and children of God_.
Is it no change to pass from sin to virtue, from a “child of wrath” to be a “child of God;” from corruption to sanctification; from the condition of heirs of death to the inheritance of heaven?
Therefore, when Calvin says that hereditary depravity “renders us obnoxious to the divine wrath,” he utters an absurdity.
It is therefore evident that “_children of wrath_” must mean something else.

Examples of Wrath

Example #1
For, ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.
Example #2
We are adopted into the same family with Jesus Christ.
Example #3
If all this implies no moral change, then these words have lost their meaning.
Example #4
If no moral change is effected by Baptism, then there is no change at all; for certainly Baptism produces no physical change in the soul.
Example #5
This confusion of ideas runs through all Orthodox statements on the subject, and the only cure is, that we should learn how to make this distinction between natural evil and moral evil, or the evil which proceeds from a corrupt nature and the evil which comes from a free will. If we were to sum up the doctrine of the apostle Paul on this subject, it would be thus:— 1.
Example #6
The disease may make him very odious, very disagreeable, but cannot make him blamable.