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How to use wriggled in a sentence. Wriggled pronunciation.

Her face had a hungry, spiteful, leering expression; she spoke in a shrill, peevish tone, and wriggled nervously on her chair.
Frank raised his frightened blue eyes entreatingly to the rector's face without speaking; he saw something in the kind rugged features which encouraged him, for with sudden energy he wriggled himself loose from Andrew and threw himself on his knees.
He wriggled the toes of his boots together, and looked down at them in puzzled wonder.
Joe clasped his hands and wriggled imploringly, while Frank tried to hasten matters by going in search of Arthur's overcoat.
He made the responses properly and with a certain unction, and sat during the sermon with a vigilant eye on the choir boys, who wriggled.
As he spoke he drove the end right into a heap of Indian corn-husks that lay in the first corner, the blow being followed by a violent rustling, and another snake made its appearance, not to dash for the door, but turning, wriggling, and lashing about as it fought hard till it wriggled itself free of the little beam which had pinned it into the corner, crushing its vertebra about a third of its length from the head, and ending by tying itself in a knot round the piece of wood and holding on.
I wriggled my parasol about in the dust uneasily.
When the dog, with a last hysterical yelp, suddenly flattened its body and wriggled under a corner of the shed, Pink turned and rode after the others, who had passed the corral and were heading for the upper and of a small patch of green stuff that looked like a half-hearted attempt at a vegetable garden.
Lite grinned and wriggled over so that his back was against a rock.
Leila Mercer was so excited that she wriggled, and as for me, the candles and the orchids-everything-danced around in a circle, and I just seemed to catch the back of my chair as it flew past.
Chicken Little wriggled painfully before she reluctantly shook her head.
She squirmed and wriggled and counted the big white medallions in the crimson body-brussels carpet.
Jane's brown eyes had been fixed wistfully on his face while he read and she wriggled painfully when he smiled once or twice during the perusal.
Chicken Little wriggled uneasily and got rather red in the face.
So they wriggled back adorned with cobwebs and sneezing from the dust they had stirred up.
The sailor wriggled slightly to assure himself that he would topple over at the right moment, and slipped the first turn over his hands.
He wriggled out from beneath the horsehair sofa, rose, and, wiping the perspiration from his brow, pointed with a trembling finger at her feet.
Reflecting that he was already late for his appointment, he wriggled uncomfortably under her gaze.
Blake had been selected to make the third address and to put the issue squarely up to the people; but, as he wedged his way forward to enact his role, up to the feet of the statue squirmed and wriggled a figure which assumed the place just vacated by the second speaker.
He wriggled out of bed and, supporting himself against the wall, made his way to the door, and crawled away, mumbling to himself as he went.

Examples of Wriggled

Example #1
The other guest, Mrs. Murch by name, proclaimed herself, at a glance, of less prosperous condition, though no less sumptuously arrayed.
Example #2
In eleven years of married life, Mrs. Murch had borne six children, all of whom died before they were six months old.
Example #3
Frank did not answer; he stood perfectly passive in Andrew's hands, and cast his eyes on the ground.
Example #4
The rector looked at him pityingly.
Example #5
At last he faltered out: "I didn't know your cheek ached till mother told me, or else I'd have shut the door right straight.
Example #6
This was an Ester that he had never seen before, and he didn't know what to say.