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Definition of Write

  • To set down, as legible characters; to form the conveyance of meaning; to inscribe on any material by a suitable instrument; as, to write the characters called letters; to write figures.
  • To set down for reading; to express in legible or intelligible characters; to inscribe; as, to write a deed; to write a bill of divorcement; hence, specifically, to set down in an epistle; to communicate by letter.
  • Hence, to compose or produce, as an author.
  • To impress durably; to imprint; to engrave; as, truth written on the heart.
  • To make known by writing; to record; to prove by one's own written testimony; -- often used reflexively.
  • To form characters, letters, or figures, as representative of sounds or ideas; to express words and sentences by written signs.
  • To be regularly employed or occupied in writing, copying, or accounting; to act as clerk or amanuensis; as, he writes in one of the public offices.
  • To frame or combine ideas, and express them in written words; to play the author; to recite or relate in books; to compose.
  • To compose or send letters.
  • communicate or express by writing
  • record data on a computer
  • communicate (with) in writing
  • mark or trace on a surface
  • create code, write a computer program
  • produce a literary work
  • write or name the letters that comprise the conventionally accepted form of (a word or part of a word)
  • write music

How to use write in a sentence. Write pronunciation.

Some months later the following letter came to David Claridge in Cairo from Faith Claridge in Hamley: David, I write thee from the village and the land of the people which thou didst once love so well.
Others I shall take also, but of them I shall write hereafter.
There was a moment's hesitation, then Harrik picked up paper and ink that lay near, and said: "I will write to Kaid.
You are urged to write the editors, who are anxious to know, not only what you would like to see reprinted, but also what items already printed you have found most useful, and what sort of information you think is most profitable to include in the Introductions.
As I write, our towns are near deserted.
And therefore she Writes the following Letter to her Husband.
Do write and say I may come.
We seem quite old friends, and he writes to me; I don't answer the letters, unless there's something to say.
I shall at once write and tell him that his behaviour is outrageous.
Well, he said that it was all over between him and Cissy, and that he cared only for me, and always had, and always would-you know how men write.
Now that I was away from home, he could write to me, and wouldn't I let him see me?
The next day Louise carried out her resolve to write for information regarding the progress of things at Coburg Lodge.
I shall write at once to the old man and tell him I'm getting on so nicely in every way that I couldn't dream of leaving you.
As soon as I get back I shall write to Mrs. What's-her-name and tell her that nothing will be paid for you after the week that's due and the week that's for notice.
They're going to write and tell you that they won't be responsible after this for my board and lodging.
You see that I write from Broadstairs, where we are spending our honeymoon.
Furthermore, the very fact that Tolstoi, for example, writes in an inaccessible language, makes foreign translations of his works absolutely necessary.
Now if an Englishman writes a successful book, thousands of Russians, Germans, and others will read it in English; the necessity of translation is not nearly so great.
Besides, what can be more natural than to write about what interests me?
If Gogol had done nothing but write the best comedy in the Russian language, he would have his place in literature secure.

Examples of Write

Example #1
Does thee love them still?
Example #2
They gave thee sour bread to eat ere thy going, but yet thee didst grind the flour for the baking.
Example #3
And I must not forget to say that I shall take with me on my journey that faithful Muslim Ebn Ezra.
Example #4
So I must bend to my study of Arabic, which I am thankful I learned long ago.
Example #5
I will have naught to do with the army.
Example #6
It can serve no end to withhold the writing to the army.