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Or, and the rest of her golden houses; and Venice had great pictures and good music; and Venice had a Golden Book, in which all the large tax-payers had their names written;-but all that did not make Venice the brain of Italy.
There are not many then of whom I can truly say, "Without their approval and encouragement this book would never have been written"-but those who really love me will forgive me and know that what I owe them is deeper than thanks.
Possibly other stories had been already added to these, and the "Prologue" written-but this is more than can be asserted with safety.

Examples of Written-but

Example #1
I tell you what, Sir,-with all these magnificent appliances of civilization, it is time we began to hear something from the djinnis donee whose names are on the Golden Book of our sumptuous, splendid, marble-placed Venice,-something in the higher walks of literature, -something in the councils of the nation.
Example #2
Plenty of Art, I grant you, Sir; now, then, for vast libraries, and for mighty scholars and thinkers and statesmen,-five for every Boston one, as the population is to ours,-ten to one more properly, in virtue of centralizing attraction as the alleged metropolis, and not call our people provincials, and have to come begging to us to write the lives of Hendrik Hudson and Gouverneur Morris!
Example #3
Lord Crewe and Mr. Texeira de Mattos-who alone saw my MS.
Example #4
I would rather have made a hundred blunders of style or discretion than seem, even to myself, let alone the world at large, to have done that.
Example #5
Who shall say whether, if the stream of prosperity had continued to flow, on which the bark of Chaucer's fortunes had for some years been borne along, he might not have found leisure and impulse sufficient for completing his masterpiece, or at all events for advancing it near to completion?
Example #6
And all is through thy negligence and rape.