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Definition of Wryly

  • in a wry manner

How to use wryly in a sentence. Wryly pronunciation.

He threw himself back upon the soft cushions with a muttered curse of vexation; but the mobile mouth was twisted into that wryly humorous smile.
The threat, Farrel thought wryly, made the boys softer than watered putty.
Allan's brain mists cleared, and he grinned wryly.
It was his turn to flush, and, he decided wryly, he probably didn’t do it as prettily as she did.
He added, wryly, “If either Foster or the Boss try to get in touch with me, tell them I’m carrying out orders.
Emotions, he thought wryly, become a woman; they thrive on them.
The Hawk said wryly: "I thought not, but well, you remember the secret panel in Dr. Ku's laboratory?
Then he smiled wryly and went on.
In those distant invisible epochs before men existed, before even the proud missing link strutted around through the woods (little realizing how we his greatgrandsons would smile wryly at him much as our own descendants may shudder at us, ages hence) the various animals were desperately competing for power.
Then we smile, wryly, and say, "Why, of course, we couldn't.
Preston grimaced wryly, but he was shrewd enough to grasp and hold such advantage as was his.
He said wryly: "Eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves, eh?
Even Sir Anthony Colledge confessed it wryly.

Examples of Wryly

Example #1
Always, M. Max was a philosopher.
Example #2
He was effectively boxed in and unable to form the slightest impression of his surroundings.
Example #3
His own wife, Alice, was one of the ringleaders of the "no babies" movement, and since he had openly declared warfare on the idea, she wouldn't even let him kiss her good-night.
Example #4
If the husbands put up an argument, they'd simply get turned down flat: no sex at all, children or otherwise.
Example #5
A cold hand lay across his brow, and he felt it quiver.
Example #6
Not in right place, though.