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How to use wth in a sentence. Wth pronunciation.

I meant to start) to give you a List of all the other general Heads design'd to be handled, then to transmit to you, at proper Leisure, my rough Working off of each respective Head, that you might have the Trouble only of refining & embellishing wth: additional Inrichments: of the general Arrangement, wch.
Translated by ye most Eminent Hands: and adorn’d wth.
By Eminent Hands - & adorn’d wth.

Examples of Wth

Example #1
I make no Question of my being wrong in the disjointed Parts of my Preface, but my Intention was, (after I had given you the Conclusion, & the Manner in wch.
Example #2
I account no inconsiderable Beauty (_Ibid.
Example #3
Ovid’s metamorphoses in fifteen books.
Example #4
Translated by the most eminent hands.
Example #5
Together with his remedy of love.
Example #6
London, J. L[egatt] for Andrew Hebb, 1640.