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How to use wurd in a sentence. Wurd pronunciation.

Mark me wurds, gintlemen, he'll finish that tunnel an' beggin' yer pardon, Mr. Orton, marry that gurl, too.
But mark these wurds o' mine once more, and remember 'em ven your father says he said 'em.

Examples of Wurd

Example #1
Didn't I see her with tears in her eyes right in this room when he wasn't lookin', and a smile when he was?
Example #2
That's the cure, that, an' grit, an' patience, an' time.
Example #3
TWO or three evenings after the institution of Mr. Weller's Watch, I thought I heard, as I walked in the garden, the voice of Mr. Weller himself at no great distance; and stopping once or twice to listen more attentively, I found that the sounds proceeded from my housekeeper's little sitting-room, which is at the back of the house.
Example #4
I took no further notice of the circumstance at that time, but it formed the subject of a conversation between me and my friend Jack Redburn next morning, when I found that I had not been deceived in my impression.