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How to use wusser in a sentence. Wusser pronunciation.

Some of his pets amongst de mens got it wusser dan de womens.
They've got water on the brain, wusser 'n religion.
Those curious individuals who desired to see the wusser were introduced into an apartment where appeared before them nothing more than a little lean shrivelled hideous blear-eyed mangy pig.
In like manner the Popjoy breed is bad enough, but it serves only to show off the Galgenstein race; which is WUSSER.

Examples of Wusser

Example #1
He strap em crosst de sharp side of a barrel an give em a few right smart licks wid a bull whip.
Example #2
Den you beat de dirt out wid de battlin stick.
Example #3
It's two hundred an' fifty miles from Flagstaff to Jones range, an' only two drinks on the trail.
Example #4
Don't ever tackle the desert, 'specially with them Mormons.
Example #5
Poor Pop is not very high in the scale of created beings; but, if you fancy there is none lower, you are in egregious error.
Example #6
He has decent lodgings and scrupulously clean linen; his animal functions are still tolerably well preserved, his spiritual have evaporated long since; he sleeps well, has no conscience, believes himself to be a respectable fellow, and is tolerably happy on the days when he is asked out to dinner.