Xuage in a sentence

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How to use xuage in a sentence. Xuage pronunciation.

We fill our "xuages" with care, and give our animals as much as they will drink.
For this purpose we had provided ourselves with a mule-bucket and extra xuages.
There is still a little left in the xuages; but our poor horses suffer.
It was no labour to fill her xuages with fresh water at every spring or runlet, to spread the blanket softly over her saddle, to weave her a _quitasol_ out of the broad leaves of the palmilla, to assist her in mounting and dismounting.

Examples of Xuage

Example #1
After a short halt to refresh ourselves, we ride onward.
Example #2
We plunge through the shallow ford, coming out on the eastern bank.
Example #3
We visited the spring, and filled our vessels, taking care to leave no traces of out footsteps in the mud.
Example #4
In the morning it became necessary to descend for water.
Example #5
The water is distributed in a small cup.
Example #6
Well, and if we have to-time enough yet a bit, I guess.