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And in another year,-of course,-he got married, and to one of the prettiest girls in the town, Susanna de Lancey! Janvier says that the marriage did not take place until 1744, but other authorities place it at thirteen years earlier.
The danger which some years before had threatened the very existence of the state seemed to have vanished; but all the more the Romans felt the heavy burden-a burden pressing more severely year after year-of the endless war.
In decency, it is impossible to live in such a house on less than thirty thousand francs a year-of my own, so as to have them safe in case of accident.

Examples of Year-of

Example #1
It is much more probable that Peter got married at twenty-eight than at forty-one; I scarcely think that he could have escaped so long! Susanna's father was Monsieur Etienne de Lancey, a Huguenot refugee, who had fled from Catholic France to the more liberal Colonies, and settled here.
Example #2
Two years after his first introduction to New York, the Common Council of the city voted to him "the freedom of the city," from which one gathers some idea of his standing in public favour!
Example #3
The finances of the state suffered beyond measure.
Example #4
Pressure of the War It was now the eleventh year of the war.
Example #5
I have known poverty, and I want no more of it.
Example #6
That morning he is to make me a present of the lease of the house in the Rue Saint-Georges.