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How to use years-two in a sentence. Years-two pronunciation.

My head aches too much to work, and a thousand and something days-that's a year-two years-two years-three years before I get there.
Two simples were offered for the cure of the body politic, racked by the fever and convulsion of ten horrible years-two simples which the patient could hardly be so unreasonable as to reject-unlimited despotism and religious persecution.
I was justice of the peace four years-two terms.
Measuring time, as boys do (very sensibly), not by the regulated pace of minutes, but by the vast spaces covered by desire, it appeared to me, for some decades, that they had been absent in those regions for years-two years at least; and I was astonished and almost incredulous when dates seemed to prove that the interval had been six or eight months only.

Examples of Years-two

Example #1
Bunty, you horrid little pig, can't you, tell me what it is?
Example #2
Oh, Pip, Meg, three years!
Example #3
The whole matter lay in a nut-shell, but it was a nut-shell which enclosed the flaming edicts of Charles the Fifth, with their scaffolds, gibbets, racks, and funeral piles.
Example #4
The letter and the instructions indeed contained nothing else.
Example #5
They didn't know what it was goin' to be and two of 'em come back-stayed there too.
Example #6
Used to see the horses hitched to the artillery.