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How to use yet-you in a sentence. Yet-you pronunciation.

And yet- yet-you know his haste, his vehemence, if he learned that you were his rival, her husband; you whom he so trusted!
Seein' as 'ow this cove, though a murderer in intent, ain't a murderer in fact, yet-you must ex-cuse me if I with'old 'is name.
You shall do your share, but not yet-you are too skinny.
No, he hasn't kissed her yet-you could tell that even in the dark.

Examples of Yet-you

Example #1
Ah, can I now ask you to save my son from the awful news, you yourself the sufferer?
Example #2
Lady Lansmere caught him by the arm.
Example #3
And I, sitting outside this sleepy hostelry in this quiet village street, thought no more of Mr. Shrig's gruesome errand, but rather of shady copse, of murmurous brooks and of one whose vivid presence had been an evergrowing joy and inspiration, waking me to nobler manhood, filling me with aspirations to heroic achievement; and to-day here sat I, lost in futile dreams-scorning myself for a miserable failure while the soul within me wept for that Diana of the vanished past- "Right as ninepence, sir!" exclaimed Mr. Shrig, beaming cheerily as he clambered up beside me.
Example #4
Consequently it will go to my 'eart to appre-'end this here murderer.
Example #5
We shall have to put some fat upon it, Sept. I tire of rykor.
Example #6
All Nature exists to serve them.