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How to use yoreself in a sentence. Yoreself pronunciation.

It shore gets me that after all I have said about that gun you will tote it around with you and force yoreself into a suicide's grave," quoth Mr. Cassidy, with exuberant pugnacity.
Go out an' see for yoreself if they ain't gone!
How d'ye expect us to do any work when you ain't doing any yoreselves!
Make a fool out of yoreself first thing!

Examples of Yoreself

Example #1
If you ain't got no regard for yore own life you shore ought to think a little about yore friend's.
Example #2
A handful of 'dobe dust sprang from the corner of the building and sifted down upon them, causing Red to cough.
Example #3
I could see it in his eye; an' he wasn't drunk, not by a darn sight.
Example #4
I knowed he wasn't no good!
Example #5
Red's temper was also on the ragged edge.
Example #6
Go tearing into us when you-" he growled the rest and kicked viciously at the fire.