You-both in a sentence

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How to use you-both in a sentence. You-both pronunciation.

I have your oath-both of you-both of you.
You're here as my guests, and we love to have you-both of you.
Even as I loathe you-both of you-and all your howling pack!

Examples of You-both

Example #1
I'm going at once to see what can be done.
Example #2
By the memory of our mother, swear that. LARRY.
Example #3
Bessie, you mustn't think you're getting charity when you stay here.
Example #4
She means that, or she wouldn't say it.
Example #5
Make me no answer or, by the head of Odin, you shall feel my fangs!
Example #6
You say that my will is like the wind's will.