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How to use you-unless in a sentence. You-unless pronunciation.

It is always easier to bear things if there is some one to bear them with you-unless you are a hero.
I shall never let you go-so long as I can hold you-unless I am satisfied that it is for your good.

Examples of You-unless

Example #1
One December evening the carrier's cart was just starting homewards from the door of the Magpie and Stump.
Example #2
Taught by experience, he learned to contrive for himself a sort of Robinson Crusoe but with the various hampers and boxes, and in this he lay curled round in tolerable comfort, covered with an old horse-cloth; nevertheless, it was often very cold, and then the only consolation was in thinking that Joshua must be cold also.
Example #3
And there is another marriage that is incomparably worse.
Example #4
And I know that there is much less in the average marriage than in the incomplete relation we have established.