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How to use youngish-looking in a sentence. Youngish-looking pronunciation.

He strolled down the terrace, and Lady Chetwynd Lyle, turning her back on "old" Lady Fulkeward, went after her "girls," while the fascinating Fulkeward herself continued to recline comfortably in her chair, and presently smiled a welcome on a youngish-looking man with a fair moustache who came forward and sat down beside her, talking to her in low, tender and confidential tones.
He flung open the door, and a small, youngish-looking person, who seemed to have been hesitating at the door, made a movement as though to depart hastily.
She was youngish-looking, and not as ugly as Miss Carter's bald description had implied.

Examples of Youngish-looking

Example #1
He was the very impecunious colonel of one of the regiments then stationed in Cairo, and as he never wasted time on sentiment, he had been lately thinking that a marriage with a widowed peeress who had twenty thousand pounds a year in her own right might not be a "half bad" arrangement for him.
Example #2
So he determined to do the agreeable, and as he was a perfect adept in the art of making love without feeling it, he got on very well, and his prospects brightened steadily hour by hour.
Example #3
Clemens grabbed him by the collar.
Example #4
Presently, he thought he heard somebody approaching in the hall outside.
Example #5
The woman's large mouth expanded in a smile, which, though correct enough, betrayed the self-satisfaction which pervaded her being.
Example #6
A woman stood in the lower hall, and from Sally's description Betty recognized Miss Trumbull.