Youngun in a sentence

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How to use youngun in a sentence. Youngun pronunciation.

All de other younguns was bright.
All this passle of young'uns around here under grown people's feet, creatin' disorder in front of my store.
Mah boy, he say, 'quit wukin, an give us younguns a chance,' Sho nuf, they ain't the wuk they use to be, an the younguns needs it.
When the Gallery was admitted, on the third day, the gaping Spectators observed that the Youngun had an open Countenance, somewhat like a Channel Cat, a full head of Hair bushing at the nape of the neck, and a hypnotic Eye; so they knew he was destined for the Service of the Public.

Examples of Youngun

Example #1
Dat you mammy?' she ask, sweet as pie, when granmammy pound on de door.
Example #2
Took me down in de cotton patch an sot me on a stump in de bilin sun.
Example #3
What kind of a marshall is you?
Example #4
Why'nt you go on away from here, Matilda?
Example #5
Ah got me a pension, an a fine garden; ain't it fine now?
Example #6
Lotsa wuk in a mule.