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How to use ze in a sentence. Ze pronunciation.

I know ze Indian way.
I know ze half-breed way.
I know ze white man's way.
I go ze white man's way.
I know one mans, so vaire beeg like ze buffalo.
Wit him, on ze Sulphur Creek stampede, go one small mans, Lon McFane.
You know dat Lon McFane, dat leetle Irisher wit ze red hair and ze grin.
An' dey walk an' walk an' walk, all ze day long an' ze night long.
And beeg mans, him become vaire tired, an' lay down mooch in ze snow.
Him haf vot you call ze streak of fat.
The next one spoke with a simpering precision of pronunciation that was irritating and said: "If ze zhentlemans will to me make ze grande honneur to me rattain in hees serveece, I shall show to him every sing zat is magnifique to look upon in ze beautiful Parree.
You do jest; zis is not ze palace; we come there directly.
How charmingly situated!-Venerable, venerable pile-" "Pairdon, Doctor, zis is not ze Louvre-it is-" "What is it?
Ze gentleman need not to buy if he not wish to-but only look at ze silk-look at ze beautiful fabric.
And ze time will be save-entirely save!
We took an open barouche and drove two miles out of Milan to "see ze echo," as the guide expressed it.
The like is also witnessed by Opilius Macrinus, to whom, being desirous to know if he should be the Roman emperor, befell, by chance of lot, this sentence in the Eighth of the Iliads- O geron, e mala de se neoi teirousi machetai, Ze de bin lelutai, chalepon de se geras opazei.
Then a rough laugh, and the repeating voice of the Englishman's girl, still pursuing her studies in English: "You will take ze 'ead.
Ze are expert: pluk up zour harts, I zou pray, This dolorous drede expell and do away.
It is ze nairves," she explained.

Examples of Ze

Example #1
I know ze half-breed way.
Example #2
I know ze white man's way.
Example #3
I know ze Indian way.
Example #4
I go ze white man's way.