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For the views of the Reformers, see Zockler, vol.
For Tostatus, see Zockler, vol.
For the unanimity of the fathers against the antipodes, see Zockler, vol.

Examples of Zockler

Example #1
For the effect of Muslem example in Spain and Italy, see Krafft-Ebing, as above, p. 45, note.
Example #2
The first main weapon against the indwelling Satan continued to be the exorcism; but under the influence of inferences from Scripture farther and farther fetched, and of theological reasoning more and more subtle, it became something very different from the gentle procedure of earlier times, and some description of this great weapon at the time of its highest development will throw light on the laws which govern the growth of theological reasoning, as well as upon the main subject in hand.
Example #3
As to the frequency among the insane of this form of belief, see Calmeil, vol.
Example #4
For D'Ailly's acceptance of St. Augustine's argument, see the Ymago Mundi, cap.
Example #5
And when he went to see the Bawd, that she might tell him where she was, she had forsaken her old Quarters to, and he no more knew where to find her then he did his Trull.
Example #6
Younger sort_; give their Minds quite a wrong Biass, and disarm them of that _Severity_ which is their greatest Guard, and which, when once lost, leaves 'em an easie Prey to every Temptation?